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Belonging. Communication. Teamwork.

Creating kinder communities through coaching and consulting is what BeeKind Hive is all about. With a strong belief in the power of empathy and compassion, we strive to bring belonging and positive change to teams and individuals.

At BeeKind Hive, we go beyond traditional coaching methods. We provide customized strategies tailored to the unique needs of each organization we work with. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and team-building activities, we empower individuals to enhance their communication, foster healthy relationships, and cultivate a more compassionate work environment.

If we want people to belong, we need to create an environment that welcomes both talent and lived experience.


Teams are vibrant and ever-evolving! While it’s true that “you attract more bees with honey,” building a strong team goes beyond merely offering sweet incentives. The key lies in fostering a sense of belonging, which requires ongoing attention and a deep understanding of individual needs. By staying flexible and making necessary adjustments, teams can truly thrive. Embracing The BeeKind Way, a collection of fundamental principles, becomes instrumental in creating an atmosphere of co-creation and collaboration within teams. Let’s create thriving teams together!

Belongify Training

Leadership training to improve team performance by creating a culture of belonging.
Team commitment: 5 hours

Formats: Online/ In-Person

Cost: starting at $5000 +GST

Team Play Experiences

Enhance teamwork and connection in your team with our curated game and play experiences.

Team commitment: 2 hours

Formats: Online/ In-Person

Cost: starting at $375 +GST

Kind Conversations

Engage in kind conversations, rooted in empathy. Experience safe spaces for open dialogue and resolving conflicts.

Team commitment: 3 hours

Formats: Online/ In-Person

Cost: starting at $500 +GST

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Here at BeeKind Hive we collectively acknowledge the big issues facing teams and invite diverse opinions and unique perspectives to the table. We approach our work with kindness and are committed to finding paths forward together. We work with teams to co-create solutions that are evidence-based, individualized and supportive to your team. Let’s Build something together. Join the Hive to access ideas, articles, and resources.

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